Why Do We Scratch Our Heads When We’re Thinking?

This article will examine the importance of head-related non-verbal communication gestures i.e. scratching the head. At the point when we scratch our head utilizing at least one finger anyplace on the top, back, or the side of our head, it flags the passionate mess. You can watch any student attempting a troublesome issue and you’re probably going to watch this signal. There is definitely not a superior spot to watch this signal than during an exam, where students regularly get confused when they get the exam paper. In this article, we are going to discuss why we scratch our heads while thinking.

As a teacher, when you’re attempting to disclose an idea to your students and they scratch their head, you should take a stab at clarifying the idea in an alternate manner. Here and there, rather than utilizing the fingers, a student may utilize an item, for example, a pen, pencil, or ruler to scratch their head. The message passed on is the equivalent in all the cases. Notwithstanding, this signal is likewise done when somebody is going through any sort of mental inconvenience that results from participating in any troublesome mental action, for example, considering every option.

Let’s be honest: Thinking is difficult for the vast majority of us. It was Bertrand Russel who stated, “The vast majority would sooner kick the bucket than think. Truth be told, they do as such.” Any movement that requires mental exertion can constrain an individual to scratch their brow and not exactly when they’re attempting to review something, which can be hard also. Note that considering every option over an issue doesn’t really infer a mess. Additionally, remember the setting of the circumstance. Now and then we scratch our head simply because we’re feeling bothersome.

The mental inconvenience can likewise result when individuals bother or irritate you. At the point when you’ve had enough, you scratch your head or more awful, genuinely assault the wellspring of your disturbance and disappointment. I’m certain you’ve watched, at any rate in the films, that when somebody is completely irritated during a discussion, they’ll scratch their head a little before punching or slapping the irritating individual. So in case you’re conversing with somebody and they often scratch their temple without saying anything, there’s a decent possibility you’re pestering them.

Signals like head-scratching are a sort of expressive shorthand for our sentiments. One well-known clarification for any hand-to-head developments is that they’re disappointed animosity – an inversion to the common developments of our stone tossing progenitors. In the event that you watch a little kid strike at something, he’ll raise an arm over his head and present it in a curve. It’s a characteristic, unstudied development. At the point when we’re grappling with some knotty issue, we experience sentiments of disappointment, maybe some annoyance, and before we know it, our hand flies uncertainly. Yet, hold it.

In these cutting edge times, it’s not neighborly to slam the person who posted the inquiry. Therapists will disclose to you that most preoccupied self-contacting developments are endeavors to comfort ourselves in the midst of stress. It resembles giving ourselves a consoling pat. Head scratching would be a method of soothing the pressure of not knowing something, and it’s aimed at our heads since that is the wellspring of our misery.

Neuropsychologists may state that head-scratchers are individuals who learn best by contact or development. Every individual has a predominant learning mode, they guarantee – visual, hear-able, or tactile. A visual individual may project their eyes skyward while contemplating. An aural individual may pull on an ear. Head-scratching is a case of what scientists call a ‘removal action’, where a creature that can’t pick between two clashing choices will decide on neither and rather play out some inconsequential conduct. For instance, a winged creature that is uncertain whether to assault or escape from an adversary may unexpectedly start to peck at the ground.

Yet, the practices have advanced into part of the non-verbal language that creatures use to flag their passionate state. A recent report at Portsmouth University found that macaques scratch their heads when focused, and this goes about as a sign that makes different macaques less inclined to assault or hassle them. So wmay have acquired this meaningful gesture from our progenitors, maybe as a method of cautioning individuals to disregard us when we’re considering every option.


In a nutshell, we can conclude that we scratch our head when we are thinking because of these possible reasons

  • a troublesome issue
  • a confused state of mind
  • mental confusion
  • sentimental unrest
  • disappointment and distress
  • ignorance

So, now you must be aware that this gesture is just a sign to represent the above mentioned mental conditions which may lead to this type of non-verbal communication. Thus, there is no harm in scratching your head while thinking. You can consider it as an involuntary action of our mind. So, from next time don’t judge anyone on scratching his or her head.

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